Announcement on Rumors About Blockcloud Madeup by Tokencan

Recently, Blockcloud team found out that rumors about Blockcloud have been maliciously madeup by a cryptocurrency exchange called Tokencan on its official website. In order to protect the interests of Blockcloud investors and enthusiasts, Blockcloud team hereby declares the following:

  1. Blockcloud has never established any partnerships or business cooperations with Tokencan. And BLOC trading pair has never been authorized to be listed on this trading platform. The conduct of unauthorized trading is strongly condemned.
  2. Tokencan claimed that "Blockcloud had a large number of unusual deposits and transactions made on Tokencan on November 5, 2019”. Detailed and reasonable proofs are requested to be announced by Tokencan. Otherwise, adverse effect and guidance will be caused to the public. And it is considered irresponsible for platform users.
  3. Rumor about “Blockcloud is unable to be reached or connected" is maliciously fabricated by Tokencan without contacting Blockcloud first. Blockcloud reserves the right to take necessary actions to pursue responsibility by all means. And the team hereby states again that Blockcloud is in a normal state of operation.R&D and business development are in smooth progress. Official channels such as official social media and community are also in normal operation.
  4. The team appreciates all your support for the project. Please be aware that any project updates are ONLY released through Blockcloud official channels. It is warmly welcomed for you all to actively participate in future community activities and ecological building. Blockcloud team will continue to try their best. Your support and trust will be rewarded.

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency is a kind of high-risk investment. Investors should be rationally involved and beware of investment risks. Blockcloud does not assume any responsibility for guarantees, compensation for investment activities.

Blockcloud Team
November 8, 2019