Announcement on Strategic Partnership Between Blockcloud and FESS Chain

Dear Blockcloud supporters:

We are thrilled to announce that Blockcloud has officially established strategic partnership with FESS Chain, a well-known Indian blockchain project. The long-term cooperation between the two projects benefits both in global ecodevelopment on subjects including data privacy & security, technology development, community interaction, and media coverage. Blockcloud team will be heading to India in order to discuss further about the cooperation with FESS Chain team in September.

About FESS

FESS Chain is a Mainstream Technology which is working towards combining Speed with Security not only theoretically but in practical means. Most of the projects running at present either claim to deliver speed or safety. None of them has sincerely figured out a solution for scalability where people can easily transact with supersonic speed or run a DApp with full potential. FESS doesn't only dare to work this issue out but also solve it.

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency is a kind of high-risk investment. Investors should be rationally involved and beware of investment risks. Blockcloud does not assume any responsibility for guarantees, compensation for investment activities.

Blockcloud Team
Agusut 31, 2019