Reward Upgraded for Blockcloud&KuCoin Selection, Another 1 Million BLOC Airdrop is Waiting for You

To return the strong support from KuCoin users, Blockcloud team has decided to add another million of BLOC to the reward pool on top of the original 4.8 million BLOC. Details are as follows:

Reward Type:
  1. Authentication Reward: Participants need to send an application to Blockcloud team to authenticate the user identity, and the first 10 who pass the authentication will get 3000 BLOC each as reward; NO.11-100 authenticated users will get 1000 BLOC and users after NO.100 get 50 BLOC. The maximum number of users who can get reward is 1000.
  2. Lottery: Blockcloud team will select some random KuCoin users and airdrop 10-100 BLOC randomly to them.
Rules for Authentication Reward:
  1. Users participated in authentication reward application must have an account on KuCoin exchange
  2. During the Selection period (11:00 on July 24, 2019-July 26, 2019 18:00, UTC+8), 100 BLOC is being successfully transferred to the certified KuCoin account (Please make sure the number of BLOC you transfer is exactly 100, or it will not be counted)
  3. Send an email request to the official certified email according to the designated requirements shown below:
    ① Email Subject: Apply for KuCoin Selection Airdrop Reward.
    ② Provide the following information in the content:
    BLOC deposite address (start with 0x) of KuCoin account that is used to apply for the authentication.
    Screenshot of the above address (sample illustrated below):

  4. Please wait for the Blockcloud team to verify the requested emails. The team will verify the authenticity of KuCoin account and the 100 BLOC transfer. Rewards will be sent out by the team to the approved and verified users according to the requested email order ranking received by the team.

Registration Deadline: 16:00, July 26, 2019(UTC+8)

Distribution Time: Authentication reward will be sent to users’accounts before 18:00, July 26, 2019(UTC+8). is the ONLY official email for this event and all the related information will be replied by it. Besides the information mentioned above, our official staff will NOT ask you for any information about your KuCoin account such as the user account, login password and other security information. Please stay cautious to people with malicious purpose.

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency is a kind of high-risk investment. Investors should be rationally involved and aware of all the potential risks. Blockcloud will not take responsibilities of guarantee and compensation, etc. for the investment.

Blockcloud Team
July 24, 2019