Announcement on Partnership Between Blockcloud and LBank

In order to enhance the ecological construction of Blockcloud, recently, an official partnership between Blockcloud and the trading platform LBank has been reached, after a friendly communication and negotiation. Cooperations in marketing, community operation, application, etc., will be made at a higher level between both sides. BLOC top up/withdraw function has been available now on the trading platform LBank. Blockcloud enthusiasts are now able to trading with BLOC/USDT pair on LBank (

About LBank

LBank, established in Oct, 2017, is a digital asset exchange with world class technology. It provides safe, professional and convenient digital asset exchange service to users around the world. With the number of registration over 2,600,000, and $300 million daily trading volume, LBank has become one of the world’s leading digital asset exchange.

Blockcloud Team
July 21, 2019