Statement Regarding Recent Malicious Rumors Towards Blockcloud Project

Blockcloud team has come across some malicious people spreading rumors about Blockcloud in different channels. Rumors they made with concealed intentions including

  1. Blockcloud team has been dumping BLOC at high price to acquire improper profits;
  2. Blockcloud team altered the lockup terms to harm its investors;

To protect Blockcloud enthusiasts and investors’ interest and to avoid the public being misguided by the rumors, Blockcloud team hereby makes this solemn statement:

  1. Blockcloud attached great importance to investors’ interest, and the alteration of the lockup terms this time is made upon friendly negotiation with them. Our investors agree to the new lockup terms because they believe in the potential of BLOC in the long run. What’s more, they would love to maintain BLOC’s long-term value and a stable market order together with the team.
  2. Blockcloud team believes in the long-term value of the project. We have never dumped BLOC on the secondary market to acquire improper profits, instead, team is increasing the stake of BLOC with plans. In an interview made by the well-known KOL Blockchain Brad recently, team showed one of the OKEx accounts to the public, and there are more than 100 million BLOC on this single account. In addition, the total amount of BLOC on OKEx, the only official exchange of BLOC, keeps at about 860 million, which is equal to BLOC’s initial circulating amount. These are the strong evidences proving that Blockcloud never dumped BLOC at high price to obtain improper benefit.

We do hope that all the Blockcloud enthusiasts will not to listen to these rumors, so that your benefit won’t be hurt by those who with bad intentions. Your union and trust will be our best weapon against these malicious people. Blockcloud will do our utmost to return everyone’s support and trust in Blockcloud.

Here you can review the video made by Blockchain Brad:

Blockcloud Team
June, 26, 2019