Announcement on Strategic Partnership Between Blockcloud and KardiaChain

Today, Blockcloud and KardiaChain has officially established strategic partnership.

Blockcloud is the internet underlying protocol level project. Combining the advantages of blockchain and Future Internet technology, it greatly improves the performance of large-scale dynamic networks. KardiaChain is a blockchain platform supporting distributed application, characterized by its scalability and interoperability. Through the binode solution, it promotes the secure and distributed connection between chains, lowers the cost and increases the transaction speed.

Blockcloud will provide KardiaChain with more stable and reliable underlying technical support, while KardiaChain will provide Blockcloud with broader application scenarios in fields such as smart city.

With the constant development of technology, it may only be a problem of time to apply blockchain technology on a large scale. Let’s expect the prospect for cooperation between KardiaChain and Blockcloud and future development.

About KardiaChain

KardiaChain is the blockchain of blockchains. It is a scalable and interoperable blockchain platform for decentralised applications. KardiaChain offers a non-invasive connection between any public and private blockchain, allows the transfer of both assets and data between blockchains and applications on top of them. It provides the infrastructure to leverage the collective strength of participating blockchains including high processing power, fast confirmation time, low transaction fee, ... laying the foundation for blockchain mass adoption.

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency is a kind of high-risk investment. Investors should be rationally involved and beware of investment risks. Blockcloud does not assume any responsibility for guarantees, compensation for investment activities.

Blockcloud Team
June 15, 2019