Announcement on Strategic Partnership Between Blockcloud and Marlin

Blockcloud and Marlin have signed a strategic partnership agreement today to become strategic partners. Both sides will have resource integration in fields such as technology and community, exert advantages of technology and leverage the influence of the international community. Besides, there is large potential in cooperation regarding application scenarios between the two projects.

According Zhongxing Ming, CEO and co-founder of Blockcloud, Blockcloud and Marlin both focus on research and development of Internet infrastructure, which has a bright future. Through the cooperation in technology, community and resource integration, we can promote the blockchain ecosystem building and bring better surfing experience for global users.

Let's look forward to the broad prospects for cooperation between Blockcloud and Marlin as well as the booming development of blockchain technology all over the world!

About Marlin

Marlin is a blockchain-agnostic layer-0 scaling solution for public blockchains providing private network like performance and security over the public Internet. It is built for efficient peer-to-peer communication, and makes possible sub-100 millisecond latency and provides up to 500x throughput in planet-scale decentralized networks

Blockcloud Team
May 30, 2019