Statement on Postponing the Release Plan of May and June

It has been over a year since Blockcloud was established. Our team has continued taking on the mantra, “Change the world with technology and benefit users and investors” as our original intention. With strong support from our investors, community and partners, we feel proud to say the project is doing well with good performance in fields including development, business, community and secondary market.

At present, the recovery of the whole market has brought us a rare opportunity. Our next goal is to drive the project towards a higher level. For this purpose, we have made the following preparations.

First, we have sufficient funds to maintain the market. Second, the previous work has gained us strong support from communities. Third, we are approaching additional high-quality exchanges. Finally, by actively exploring innovative business models, the project has made progress in application fields together with our partners. All these things will provide constant support to the stable, yet rapid development of the project.

To keep good momentum of the project and avoid potential risks caused by market fluctuations, Blockcloud investors decide to support the project further. To be specific, after friendly negotiation, Blockcloud team and investors decide to postpone the release plan of May and June for two months. That’s to say, the 45 million BLOC that planned to be released in May will be released by the end of July and the 45 million BLOC that planned to be released in June will be released by the end of August, and so on. Meanwhile, to reward the support of our investors, Blockcloud team will give an extra 3% of the whole investment as bonus, which will be distributed in the following month after all the tokens are released.

Thank you again for your strong support to Blockcloud. We all know the broad responsibilities we are carrying, and will keep working hard to make sure every step we take is the best for all of us.

Blockcloud Team
May 29, 2019