Announcement on Strategic Partnership Between Blockcloud and Waltonchain

Blockcloud and Waltonchain, a business ecosystem public chain, have officially signed the strategic cooperation agreement today. By integrating technical strengths and community resources of both parties, it will contribute to the prosperous development of blockchain industry.

Blockcloud is the blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP. Combining the advantages of blockchain and Future Internet technology, it improves and upgrades the existing Internet from the underlying protocol level.

Waltonchain is a public chain of commercial ecology at the bottom of the chain. Based on the blockchain, Waltonchain resorts to RFID technology to make sure the commodity flow data on the chains is reliable from the sources.

Blockcloud will provide Waltonchain with better underlying technical support, which will help to improve the mobility and scalability of the blockchain network and optimize the security and efficiency of mass data transmission. While with the unique trans-chain technology, Waltonchain will help Blockcloud network to realize trans-chain data sharing and fast indexing.

We look forward to the cooperation between the two great projects with confidence. We believe that the cooperation between Blockcloud and Waltonchain will bring strong impetus to the development of both entities. Furthermore, it will promote the development of both global internet and blockchain ecosystem to a better and more organized direction.

About Waltonchain

Waltonchain is a fundamental public business ecochain. As the leader in Blockchain + the Internet of Things, it innovatively combines blockchain with RFID technology. On this ecochain, merchants can establish various child chains according to their needs and monitor the whole production, logistics, warehousing and retail circulation process of all goods. As a typical business ecochain, Waltonchain ensures that all data (including property ownership data, commodity circulation data, etc.) is authentic. Using the self-developed RFID tag chip and reader chip, all data of offline physical goods can be automatically and quickly uploaded to blockchain during the circulation process. This avoids human interference, greatly reduces the possibility of data tampering and thus creates a fair, transparent, traceable and credible new-generation business ecosystem.

Blockcloud Team
May 24, 2019