An Important Statement on Blockcloud Tokens Transferring

Recently, there are some media reporting that 6.9 billion BLOC have been transferred from Blockcloud main account, and a number of false information is presented in it. To protect all Blockcloud followers and supporters from being misled, Blockcloud team hereby makes this solemn statement.

The contract address of Blockcloud is 0xf37bb2d0a22c73926a95ee2c4e42af217f55ce2c. Blockcloud team has transferred 6.9 billion BLOC on April 10, 2019 (UTC+8). All the transferring actions are based on the disclosed information, which is reasonable. There is no abnormal transformation about our token. The details are as below:

  1. 2.9 billion BLOC were transferred to the lockup contract, including 1.5 billion for private sale, 400 million for seed rounds, and 1 billion for team shares;
  2. 1 billion BLOC are for the early contributors, which have been entrusted to Blockcloud team and will not be released in the near future;
  3. 3 billion BLOC are the foundation allocation, among which, 700 million are used as the allocation on OKEx trading platform for Jumpstart activity and risk guaranty fund. The remaining 2.3 billion have been transferred to multiple wallet addresses of the foundation, which will be kept by the Foundation;
  4. balance in the main account is 3.1 billion (BLOC), among which, 3 billion are reserved for mining awards, which will not be used for other purposes. Another 100 million are community contribution incentives, which will be distributed to the community contributors at 8:00 pm on April 10 (UTC+8).

All the above mentioned tokens have never been traded for a second time after entering the official addresses, and no tokens have been distributed to the market. There are no account changes happened to Blockcloud project. Please do not believe in any of the rumors.

Thank you for your continued attention and support to Blockcloud!

Blockcloud Team
April 10, 2019