Statement Regarding Blockcloud Project’s Reduction in Initial Circulating Supply and Win-win Dividend Payout Plan

Due to the good progress Blockcloud project has made, Blockcloud early contributors grow great confidence in the project. After friendly negotiation between Blockcloud team and early contributors, it’s mutually agreed upon a long-term lockup to the 400 million BLOC that were supposed to be released originally. Release of this part will be announced in public 3 days before it happens.

Meanwhile, to return the support from our investors and institutions, Blockcloud team decides to launch a win-win dividend payout plan. Details are as below:

  1. Blockcloud team gives out a total number of 45 million BLOC to our private sale investors as win-win dividend payout, which will be allocated in line with the amount of investment. The 45 million BLOC will be released in three times, to be specific, 15 million upon listing, 15 million in the following month after listing, and 15 million in the third month of listing.
  2. With implementation of the win-win dividend payout plan, numbers of BLOC that Blockcloud private investors will receive within the 4 months of listing are 45 million, 45 million, 45 million and 210 million separately.

Total supply of BLOC is 10 billion. Therefore, the initial circulating supply of Blockcloud project will be reduced to 665 million from 1 billion in the original plan through the above optimization.

Blockcloud team is grateful for the support and recognition from all private investors and early contributors to the project. Let’s expect the bright future awaiting!

Blockcloud Team
April 10, 2019