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Blockcloud monthly report will be published early the following month. We will share the latest progress of the project with global community members. Thank you for your continued attention and support - let’s witness the creation of the Future Internet together!

Further promoted the business cooperation with one of the top 100 companies in the world. To be specific, a discussion regarding the test results of the plan made in January was held, the technical framework has been optimized and some detailed requirements added. The strategy for the second scenario test has been made, and the technical team has started to debug and deploy the test environment, which is estimated to be finished in March.

Test work of the Blockcloud Box co-developed by Blockcloud and the IoT&Blockchain BU of Datang Telecom has been started. 

Dr. Zhongxing Ming had a meeting with the core team of an international internet game company and he introduced the core technologies/strengths of Blockcloud to them. The two parties had an in-depth discussion about how to design the “Blockcloud SuperClubs” in games and a preliminary cooperation agreement has been reached.

The IBM Hyperledger founding team was invited to have a technical exchange with Blockcloud. The two teams had talks about working alongside on underlying efficiency and stability, and on-site demonstration of technical details that could possibly cooperate on was carried out. Collaborations between Blockcloud and IBM Hyperledger were confirmed after the meeting.

Efficiency of the pits when dealing with a large of trading transactions optimized; CUP and IO consumption of the pits reduced.

Processing mode of block fetcher while block generating too fast optimized, by which, the problem of holding the lock for too long caused when fetcher acquires multiple blocks newly generated by the adjacent nods has been avoided successfully.

Interfaces for submitting RPC bulk deal added, which enables the wallet submit trading transactions in bulk.

Part of the CoDAG structure codes organized, which makes the logic of block write clearer and the codes more readable.

Processing of the receiving address of the web wallet optimized, which makes transaction sending more flexible.

The stability of the testnet improved by choosing a more stable virtual machine provider and optimizing log and monitoring system.

The function that revealing CoDAG performance optimization by explorer has been added, which will make the mining process animation smoother.

The system stability when dealing with a large of bulk transactions simultaneously tested.

Performance of the downloader when synchronizing long chains tested. (Over 100,000 times conducted at one time)

Performance of virtual machines from different cloud providers including Aws, Aliyun and Google Cloud tested.

Dr. Zhongxing Ming was invited to an offline meeting held by Blockcloud enthusiasts in Malaysia once again. He introduced Blockcloud’s technical progress and progress of the practical use cases. Questions about Blockcloud technology, marketing and development raised by enthusiasts were patiently answered by Dr. Zhongxing Ming.

Dr. Zhongxing Ming had an in-depth discussion with local partners in Malaysia to explore the development and implementation of Blockcloud technologies in Malaysia.

Blockcloud Global Ambassadors Nathan Leung and Philip Ong attended EthDenver 2019 on behalf of Blockcloud team in Colorado, USA. Nathan had a brief introduction to Blockcloud, including the project updates, technology implementation and development vision etc, which is highly recognized by expert and scholar attendees such as Erik Voorhees of ShapeShift and other friends from Coinbase Ventures.

Dr. Zhongxing Ming was interviewed by BlockchainBrad, the famous Key Opinion Leader in blockchain field. Dr. Zhongxing Ming elaborated information about the project, including technological system, core team, competitive advantages and visions of Blockcloud. Through this interview, the idea and value of Blockcloud and the Future Internet has been better spread to the world.

Blockcloud has officially established an account on Bitcointalk, which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, father of Bitcoin. Bitcointalk represents the biggest forum for Bitcoin as well as other Altcoins. By setting up the project column on Bitcointalk, Blockcloud will update the project introduction and progress on a regular basis, aiming at attracting more blockchain lovers to know and join in Blockcloud.

By careful planning and elaborate operation, the number of Blockcloud followers on Kakao, the largest social media in South Korea, has gained a growth of 80% comparing to that in January. The constant rise of members in the community will definitely help Blockcloud to build a larger influence in South Korea market.

Blockcloud team had deep interaction with enthusiastic supporters from Malaysia and they made an introduction video of Blockcloud with strong local characteristics to show the special Blockcloud in their eyes to other Blockcloud fans in the world. The video is not only filled with unique sense of beauty and passion, but also provides evidence of local supporters’ recognition and enthusiasm.

By collecting and organizing hot news and trends in the industry, Blockcloud team shares the industry dynamics and major events to all the community members so that the growth type of Blockcloud community can be developed continuously.

About Blockcloud

Blockcloud aims to reinvent the roads on which modern applications drive on. It is a blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP that improves and upgrades the existing Internet. Combining the advantages of blockchain and Future Internet technology, it reconstructs the technology layers below where current blockchain networks and Internet applications operate. Blockcloud serves as the “building block” to provide constant connectivity for dynamic networks. It will provide better mobility, credibility, incentives, security, fairness, and scalability to upper-layer applications.

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