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Blockcloud monthly report will be published early the following month. We will share the latest progress of the project with global community members. Thank you for your continued attention and support - let’s witness the creation of the Future Internet together!


In August, Blockcloud established official partnership with Vietnam VCC Exchange.  BLOC/BTC trading pair is available!

On August 12, Blockcloud listed on Bitsdaq and the BLOC/USDT trading pair soon became available.

Blockcloud officially established a strategic partnership with FESS Chain, a well-known Indian blockchain project. The long-term cooperation between these two will benefit project development on subjects including technology, community, and media.



Alpha Version of CoDAG web wallet has been released and is available on GitHub.

Development of CoDAG iOS Wallet V1.0 has completed and passed testing.

The internal version of intelligent computing scheduling network platform has been completed and being tested based on service-driven communication model.

Several cross-regional Blockcloud edge computing nodes have been deployed and put into service.

Intelligent & realtime scheduling of computing tasks between multiple edge nodes has been implemented.

Intelligent behavior recognition algorithm for driving cars is under development on Blockcloud platform based on ongoing business scenario.

BLOC Minner Alpha is under development.



A week-long Blockcloud Trading Competition on VCC Exchange with a total prize of 800,000 BLOC reward was held during early August. Numerous users from Vietnam and other countries were attracted to participate.

Along with continued efforts in developing Korean market, Blockcloud has caught attentions and interests from more and more local blockchain enthusiasts, including Super Bloggers coin219, LEO, Sixdong, and Wanjeonmagu. They introduce Blockcloud to their communities by issuing objective analysis and articles, which have brought lots of discussion and attention from blockchain lovers.

In August, Blockcloud was covered by over 60 global mainstream media outlets, including top media giants like AP, Yahoo, Morningstar, Fortune, Bay Street Finance, etc., about its system characteristics, technology development and global expansion. The articles were widely reported and read, acknowledging the project’s global influence.



To celebrate the new listing on Bittrex International, Blockcloud team invited the community to witness the good news together by holding a Retweet to win free BLOC  activity on Twitter, receiveng support from other various social media platforms including Telegram, Medium, and Facebook. The tweet has been retweeted 193 times and has 230 likes, making it one of the top among previous tweets, with over 18,900 impressions and a total of over eight hundred engagements and interactions among the community. Around 300 Blockcloud enthusiasts participated in the event and showed their support to the team and to the project. They come from different countries ranging from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Belarus, Indonesia, Pakistan to South Africa.

To continue celebrating “Blockcloud launched in South Korea” , a quiz was prepared according to local culture among the Blockcloud Kakao community. By taking the quiz, community members were able to get to know the project and to interact with each other further. The event was quite a success by reaching a total number of 1388 community members by the end of August.

About Blockcloud

Blockcloud aims to reinvent the roads on which modern applications drive on. It is a blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP that improves and upgrades the existing Internet. Combining the advantages of blockchain and Future Internet technology, it reconstructs the technology layers below where current blockchain networks and Internet applications operate. Blockcloud serves as the “building block” to provide constant connectivity for dynamic networks. It will provide better mobility, credibility, incentives, security, fairness, and scalability to upper-layer applications.

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