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Blockcloud monthly report will be published early the following month. We will share the latest progress of the project with global community members. Thank you for your continued attention and support - let’s witness the creation of the Future Internet together!


Dr. Zhongxing Ming flew to South Korea to judge the blockchain reality show, “BLOCK BATTLE” Season 2. By gathering well-known people in the blockchain industry, the show selects the best project amongst all crypto development teams in the world. BLOCK BATTLE is a blockchain competition at the global level, which influences much of South Korea and other parts of the world. As a main judge, Dr. Ming shared his unique understanding of blockchain technology, highlights and valuable experience with global audiences. BLOCK BATTLE was hosted by the famous Korean finance and economy channel, “Pax Economy TV”. The first season attracted more than 10 million viewers, where the audience rating hit the top of the charts among South Korean TV stations. It also represents one of the most popular blockchain TV shows in the world. The second season is expected to be broadcasted the end of June. In addition to South Korean audience, people from China, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam will be able to watch it too.

In May, Dr. Zhongxing Ming had a meeting with the leader of one of the top international exchanges, in which they discussed Blockcloud’s marketing plan in South Korea.

Blockcloud has reached strategic cooperation with other international star projects such as Walton Chain and Marlin. By complementing each other's advantages, the cooperation will promote the business development of the involved parties. In addition, it will help to build the community and ecosystem, achieving a win-win result.



The switching speed between cutoff and retransmission of SCN network has been optimized.

Load balance of serve network has been optimized.

Development of the 0.0.2 version framework of edge computing has been finished and launched.

90% of the development work of CoDAG iOS wallet has been completed.

50% of the paper quantizing the computing power of miners has been completed, and two more doctors have joined the research team.

Second version of the web CoDAG wallet has been optimized.

Research of no privacy of AI data training has started.

The algorithm of calculating resource scheduling of edge computing framework has been redeveloped.

Design of BLOC miner hardware has started.

To apply edge computing in the smart factory, a united laboratory has been co-established by Blockcloud and the project we cooperate with.



In May, Dr. Zhongxing Ming had in-depth discussions with Grabity CEO Lim Jang Won, Michael Choi, the director of international media Coinin in South Korea,  and Hintchain’s CEO Paul Chung. They explored the business and development experience of the blockchain industry in South Korea, helping Blockcloud to accumulate valuable experience and resources in expanding international business moving forward.



Various community activities were organized in the official WeChat channel, including showing the number of BLOC you have, Dragon Boat Festival Activity and Blockcloud Quiz. Community members took active part in the activities to express their love and support of Blockcloud.

The one-week activity “Quiz: Be A Real Blockclouder” was held in the official telegram channel, which attracted more than 500 participants. It aimed to help the community members deepen their understanding of Blockcloud via different types of activities and was spoken highly of by the community members.

By holding activities in Vietnam, South Korea and Malaysia, the offline community building was strengthened. Our team shared the project development and marketing development progress with local blockchain enthusiasts.

About Blockcloud

Blockcloud aims to reinvent the roads on which modern applications drive on. It is a blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP that improves and upgrades the existing Internet. Combining the advantages of blockchain and Future Internet technology, it reconstructs the technology layers below where current blockchain networks and Internet applications operate. Blockcloud serves as the “building block” to provide constant connectivity for dynamic networks. It will provide better mobility, credibility, incentives, security, fairness, and scalability to upper-layer applications.

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