Internet of Vehicles

5 years of experience in R&D and service with strong technical accumulation in intelligent driving, active safety system, and vehicle navigation;

Long-term partnerships with China Automotive Industry Association, SAIC Motor and GAC Group, etc.

Smart Healthcare

50+ self-developed smart healthcare products, with 1 million+ units sales per year;

Project Support: "Medical Big Data Management & Sharing Technology Platform", "R&D of Index, Search and Storage Access for Biology Big Data" and other projects in the '863 Program';

Data sharing agreements with lots of hospitals in China.

Smart Home

30+ self-developed smart home, with 200 million+ units sales per year;

Provided service of connecting smart devices with the platform for over 50 clients in related industries; Our service covers a wide range including business system, data communication, mobile App, algorithm module and cloud storage, etc.

IoT Devices

We already connected.

Users 8,000,000+
Devices 7,000,000+
DAU 1,000,000+
MAU 3,000,000+

Road Map

2018 Q1

Architecture design completed

Concept verification of CoDAG algorithm completed

Concept verification of PoS mechanism completed

Concept verification of double auction algorithm completed

2018 Q2

CoDAG algorithm design completed

PoS algorithm design completed

Double auction algorithm design completed

Seed round investor selection completed

2018 Q3

Independent node based on PoS development completed

Developer community established

Cooperate partners selection completed

Global roadshow

Top conferences and journals contributing


2018 Q4

Minimum testnet for CoDAG development completed

Minimum testnet for PoS development completed

Minimum testnet for double auction mechanism development completed

International & Chinese standard writting

Exchange listed

Algorithm & code quality optimization

2019 Q1

Integrated development

First commercial application scenario launched

Networking API & Mobile SDK development completed

First batch of application developer partners participated

International & Chinese standard submitted

Algorithm & code quality optimization

2019 Q2

Testnet launched

Famous IoT chip enterprises participated

Open-source API & Mobile SDK released

Algorithm & code quality optimization

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